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Dead Ever After - Charlaine Harris I am so disappointed. NO, not by the book. By the readers. You see I'd been on a sort of self-enforced avoidance of most things book related so as not to spoil Dead Ever After for myself. And I emerged to find out that Charlaine Harris has been receiving death threats.

I can't believe I feel like I have to preface what I'm about to say, but I will. I am not one of those “be nice” people who thinks everything has to be rainbows and butterflies. My favorite reviews on Goodreads are negative reviews. If I'm being honest, the Sookie Stackhouse novels aren't even my favorite series anymore. I've moved on to others and it's been more of a nostalgia thing for me lately. But I will never, ever, ever understand how anyone could think threatening an author is OK. And threatening to kill yourself if Sookie doesn't end up with your choice? Talk about entitled readers; this takes it to a whole new level.

As for this book I'm not even going to review it. I don't really review series books on here. But I guess I kind of wanted to document my thoughts on the whole HEA controversy. I'm going to try not to brag about how **Possible spoilers to people I've discussed this with**I was right and many of my predictions pretty much came true. (Please note: that statement in no way reflects which male character I have preferred throughout the series.)

My issue is that I've seen people online making accusations that Charlaine lied when she said she knew since Book 2 how this would end and just the general unhappiness with how it played out. (And by the way, I would actually call this a HFN rather than a HEA.) Putting aside the fact that every copy of this book I own calls them Fantasy/Mystery NOT romance. I really, really have to wonder how many people out there read these books with rose-colored (or maybe blood-colored?) glasses and didn't actually pay attention to the words on the page. I mean, I know these are notorious for being stream of consciousness books, but if you actually pay attention to the thoughts that Sookie is having...it's pretty enlightening.

Not to mention I have to wonder if people who consider themselves such fans that they are so enraged over the ending were ever fans enough to take a peak at Charlaine's website anytime in the past four years. Because I remember clearly an interview being featured for the longest time that is still listed on her Biography & Interviews page. Part two of an interview from 2009.

Even if you only watch the last minute or so you will see Charlaine give the following answer:

“Sookie will pick the right person for her based on her long term needs and goals.”

I think that's all I'm going to say in regards to whether or not Charlaine has stayed true to her original plans.